Sunday, July 27, 2008


For years, if ever I had the occasion to give someone a card, I always made it myself.  There have been many last-minute birthday and parents' day cards presented over the years (sometimes with still-wet glue!), but it felt good to give at least a little something handmade. The last few years I've not mustered the steam to get out a card at all, let alone a homemade one.  But recently I've been inspired.  
My Dad's birthday is today (happy birthday, Dad!), and I made him a card (and even sent it on time!).  The stock is sturdy watercolor paper, and the rest is from magazine pages (including the envelope).  He's retiring this year ~ a monumental occasion for this loyal Civil Servant.  He has visions of becoming a professional sailor.  I hope so bad he does it.  So that's what this card is about.   

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