Thursday, October 25, 2007

it's all about the food

i would show you photos of our sweet little home, but my camera is being a brat.
so i can tell you that, now that the house is getting squared (or circled!) away ~ not to its final perfection of course, but mighty liveable ~ my Berkeley (and Bay Area, i guess) Experience is, as i'd hoped, all about the food. this area is the mecca for my local-sustainable food fervor. as i was contemplating my next food blog entry, i realized i was adding to the probably hundreds of blogs in the Bay Area that are dedicated and devoted to and infatuated with food. i join my race. (and make melodramatic porn-orgasm faces as i lick my spoon, or suck the dripping pulp out of a perrrrfectly ripe persimmon. . ohhh!!!).

for now, and yet again ~ might i direct you to:

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