Friday, September 07, 2007

! we're moving !

it might have sounded as if i'm experiencing growing pains in that previous post, but perhaps that's my overly romantic way of expressing that things are happening very quickly in my life right now! if this past year has plodded by . .. requiring much patience . .. like that long marathon. .. . feeling . . every . .step . . viscerally, this is a sprint (my tortoise self wouldn't really know what that feels like, but i can imagine ;-D ). events and happenings and landmarks are zoooooming by. and i'm up for the task (that's one of the many downloads i received at BM).

and we're moving.
Sealion and i are leaving our incredibly happy situation here in Sac with Mackindaddy and Gyrlene to create our own Big Kid Nest.
in Berkeley!
it's official; after so many false starts and searches and their emotional ups and let-downs, all up and down the west coast, and even some areas "back east", Baja, and who knows where else, we have finally signed a lease and are packing boxes. we're not expecting this to be a forever home, but we sure are darn excited about it for now! we have a sweet sunny space on a pretty street, still walking and biking (and BART!) distance from places that are important ~ and fun and delicious! and Sealion's commute will be just a tad longer (that's what cinched the deal ~ that he could keep his same work situation).

i like Berkeley. and i feel like it likes me back. although "the" 510 here in Sac has been a nurturing, soft and gentle place for a powerfully healing, inward-looking time in my life, i haven't ever felt connected to Sac. and it doesn't seem to sweat the fact that i'm leaving. Sealion doesn't feel like his life will change that much except, perhaps, that he won't want to go somewhere else everytime he has time off.

i love: tooling around Sac on my bike on a lazy Sunday afternoon. i love how laid back it is here. i love the tree-lined streets, and how extremely bike-able it is. i love the rose gardens. just thinking about leaving our well-loved backyard garden makes me melty inside. but the absolute main thing i will miss is our happy home life with our out-of-this-world housemates. i have marveled so many times at how blessed i am to have happened into this living situation with these people. such good people. the best. and the time i will miss most: our family dinners. everyone meeting around a table of delicious, nutritious, locally grown food and the finest conversation sharing learning and laughter. i respect and admire them so much, have learned so much from each of them ~ their unique, different (from mine), and heartfelt perspectives.

so here we go! next week at this time Sealion and i will be Berkeley-ites (for better and worse). on our way back from Black Rock City, we dropped our gear off at the new place instead of bringing it here only to take it there later. this morning we pulled the boxes down out of the attic to begin fuh REAL. worlds different than my seven-box leap into the wild westward unknown a little more than two years ago, i have found a Place, a Home, and Love.

life sure is a Grand and unpredictable adventure.

Sealion rejoices in front of our new place.
a toast ~ Berkeley-brewed Bison IPA ~ on our back deck, with trees in the background.
Sealion fills the aerobed in the living room.
El Caballero Negro and his dusty load out front.

**i remembered something else i love so much about Sac:
the unadulterated, penetrating Summer Sun ~ that lasts, uninterrupted, pretty much from April to December.
oh, how i worship you!


Arlene said...
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Arlene said...

When I came home and saw the notes you and Sealion wrote wishing me good luck on the race, I was so touched, tears ran down my face. Then when I read This blog, tears ran down my face. I realized, as the year flew by, when I least expected it, you grew on me. What does a rural Kentucky bourbon :) drinking, belly dancing, cat lover have in common with a suburban, California wine drinker (with cat allergies). Well, we had a room in common - the kitchen. Many of our getting to know each other sessions were in that room. Thank goodness it was big enough for the two of us!! Thank you for sharing the kitchen, sharing yourself and your abundant spirit with me. Your spirit of: independency, strength, many talents, determination. There are few people that can put a stamp on my heart, and frankly you managed to tattoo a little 't' on there somewhere. I know that's corny, but I would be remiss not to let you know how much I'll miss seeing you around everyday. But visiting you in Berkeley will feel like coming home to my second family. I look forward to that. Love you, Grylene