Wednesday, September 26, 2007

flashbacks from a dusty city

there is no way i'm going to sit here and write everything i'm wanting to share: too many boxes yet to unpack!!

i will say ~ i was nudged into realizing just how quickly the dust (sadly) washes off.
these photos, only a few weeks out, are such a blast of fresh air, so refreshing and cleansing to my soul.
this morning, to reconnect, i put on that one copper skirt i wore all week (you know, that one), and took my top off, glided around serenely, and wondered how much the neighbors could see ((*damn burner!*)). then a hard knock on the front door kicked me out of my reverie, and sent scurrying around the kitchen for a jacket to sign for UPS ((damn weirdo burner!)).

i advertised for this guy after my first year, and i think he does a great job of capturing so much. the "couples" one especially touched me. so much freedom, and so much feeling!

feel the love:

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ABC said...

No joke. It's the smell of the playa dust that kicks it all back in. I sat on my front porch with my shirt off and pretended that the bass of the passing gangsta cars was the Opulent Temple and I was just about to begin a night of crazy partying and mind opening.