Friday, June 09, 2006


well~~trying to separate Food from My Life is like.. well: pick a cliche'.
y'all know better; there is no tif without food
so i'm no longer keeping a separate blog for food, at least for now. i don't have time for it and haven't done anything with it anyway.
SO let me tell ya a little somethin' i been up to:

i have a little menagerie of microorganisms in the kitchen!
i've been greatly inspired by Jessica Prentice, and her new book, _Full_Moon_Feast_ (highly recommended), and the awesome exhaustive-yet-relaxed how-to, _wild_fermentation_, by Sandor Ellix Katz. it's the best!!

so far i've made kefir ( similar to yogurt, with a bit more tAnG ),
i'm fostering a sourdough starter, and just finished putting my first batch of yogurt in its warm incubator home.
the kefir "grains" were given to me by one of my teachers at Bauman~~Julie, and the sourdough starter was given to me by my new friend Coronado.

the kefir is pre-school easy: pour some milk ( i used whole, raw, from a local dairy~~Claravale Farms) over the kefir grains in a sterile jar, and let it sit out for a few days.
if the lid is on tight, it becomes effervescent, and needs to be opened once a day. shake it up to keep it all mixed up, or let it be, and you have a sour-cream-type spread. refrigerate. you can take the "grains" out, and use them again for something else, or for more kefir.

the sourdough was started with a grape in a whole wheat flour-and-water mixture. the grape was discarded once the stew began to bubble.
i added a few more spoonfuls of water and flour (and some leftover quinoa), and keep it in my sunny kitchen sill during the day. it's been developing for about a week now.

for the yogurt, i (gently) heated whole raw milk on the stove until it began to bubble. stirring. then i let it cool till i could stick my clean finger in it, and it still felt hot. I mixed in a tablespoon of active yogurt (Straus!). I poured it into a preheated steril jar, and stuck the jar in a preheated (with hot water) cooler.
in about twelve hours, i'll check it to see how it tastes.


kefir and kefir baby
sourdough in the jungle window
cooking the milk
the yogurt incubator
yogurt jar