Thursday, June 22, 2006

Raphael Garden

procrastinating homework is a great time to fill you in on my ever-distracting extra-curriculars:

i have two volunteer jobs: one at Three Stone Kitchen in Berkeley ~ a brand-new Community Supported Kitchen cooperatively run by Jessica Prentice (author of my newest most-influential book, _Full_Moon_Feast_) and a few of her Berkeley culinary cohorts (more on them when i can tell you more). it's just now up and running this week, doing a catering job everyday. it's been fun working in a restaurant-kitchen environment again, especially now that i know a little more about cooking, and get to help, instead of just bussing and waiting tables (like i did at alfalfa restaurant [in lovely lexington, ky] years ago~~wow! it HAS been years!! )

the second one is east of sac-town, at Raphael Garden~~a Biodynamic farm that is a part of Rudolph Steiner College, which borders a Waldorf School.
( ) the teacher there, Harald Hoven, is so wise, gentle, and generous with his knowledge (light-hearted, too!). it is really laid-back to work around him. i feel blessed getting to share space with him. the garden is so beautiful and feels very whole and nurturing. the apprentices who tend the garden with Harald on a full-time basis seem sincere and happy for the experience (envious, here!). compared to the rest of my commuting-busy life, the farm feels like a retreat and respite where things move much more slowly and naturally. aaahhh!

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