Friday, April 14, 2006

here i am!

ok! here i am!
thank you for your patience, those who have inquired. i had to take a break. again. scratch into my burrow and hunker down and peer out everyonce inna while and just wait it out.
the rain is still coming, more intermittently now, but it's a warm rain. and when the sun shines~~things are growing!!
i sit here in the studio at "the" 510 and bathe in the sunshine like that black kitty-o-mine. where is she? she must be gettin' into mischief if she's not taking advantage of this sunlight. . i hear the rustling of that sweet sealion as he stirs from sleep and it's a gorgeous, glorious morning.
i have much to share, and a back-log of stories and pictures. and they just keep on comin! let's see how we do. . . first off~~i'd like to officially direct you to My Other Blog ("my other blog is a porsche" i like the one: "my other car is a broomstick"): food-a-file, as that will play a Newly Major Role in my continuing story. if i have my way, you'll be seeing a lot of me there. . .. i not so savvy with the workings of Blogger.. . i tend to mess-things-up when i try to do anything more than write blog and enter photo, so i guess you will just have to VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE (which, speaking of messing-things-up, is now at the BOTTOM of WIDE WORLD OF TIF~~ha!!) to find food-a-file. .. ;-P
glad to be back.

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