Tuesday, September 13, 2005

the beat goes on

i'm having a really hard time getting down in words my impression of burning man. for now, life keeps truckin'--
--tb, mackindaddy, and i have found our own digs!! yippee!! a lovely two-level home close to the downtown action, and a minute's walk (or bike!) to the american river trail!!!
and, i'm back in LA, the lucent dossier beacon directing us home for another foray into madness.
went with dream to see the site of this upcoming show on saturday--a huge, multi-dimensional, multi-layed festival in a (temporarily) roofless warehouse downtown! it's fun to tag along and feel like i'm part of the "scene"--makin' decisions, bein' a part of the action! staying at the do lab and grateful to soak up a bunch of that post-burning man playa love energy. :)

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