Thursday, December 08, 2011

Hola from Baja!

firelight snuggling

We're here!
However, due to some confusing bureaucratic rigamarole and wonky work scheduling for Sealion, we will be heading back up to Oregon on the 22nd, and {{{{hopefully!!!}}}} returning here as early as the 5th of January. [AFTER we visit our best friends ARLENE and BRIAN, and NEW BABY due ANY DAY NOW!!!]
I am sitting with an ocean breeze in my hair and waves crashing just a minute's stroll away. So I'm going to make this short. I know that a few of you have probably been wondering, so I wanted to check in.
After several days traveling and running around doing errands, then close to 12 hours of sleep last night(!), our camp is now mostly set up. Just being in the open air, communing with the almost-full-moon for hours by the fire, squatting just anywhere to pee, sleeping and breathing in the uninhibited and cold nighttime desert air, and of course getting some of that intense sun, I am feeling recharged and rejuvenated already. I'm ready to get to work!


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Remy said...


I can't believe it never occured to me sooner to google 'paleo/WAPF + baja'. I guess I sort of slotted BCS as mostly surfers, artists, and retirees. I assumed we'd be pretty alone in one way or another living in BCS: either by age or by lifestyle. But it looks we may not be alone.

I started with the 'seeking compatriots' post and have just finished a whirlwind of speed reading through your three blogs. Wow.

You are doing what we want to do where and similar to how we want to do it. I have so many questions and hope we get to meet you and your family some day!

Just like you pre-BCS launch we decided to connect with our roots, hang with parents (in Chicago) for a bit, gear up...

Go-time is very close for us. Please email me. Looking forward to it!

Remy & Darek