Thursday, August 04, 2011

Crafty: Boy and a Solar Water Heater

This guy right here? I love 'im. Not the highest quality photo of his process, but that look on his face? Pure handcrafting bliss of the highest level. That's the essence-de-Sealion, there. Heart-melty for sure.
Just as I have been obsessed with our upcoming adventure, certainly Sealion has been. His obsession manifested into a Batch Solar Water Heater to take to Lumbini Gardens. Every morning he could, he snuck out there early and worked as quietly as possible until a reasonable neighborly hour to make noise sawing, sanding, drilling, and I don't know all what else. ;-) Now it is finished, and poised in Brian's sunny backyard to see just how hot it can get. Sealion goes to check the thermometer(s!) on it several times a day to monitor temperature fluctuation. He's so adorably nerdy about it.
Manly chiseling shot con assistant.
Sanded and painted.
Upstairs neighbor, supervising.
Box with the beginnings of insulation.
Ahhh! It is complete! With the lighting it is kind of hard to see the tank, chained in place inside the box, with all other surfaces covered in shiny aluminum..

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