Tuesday, June 23, 2009

gratitude: for friends

Well, I've been trying to articulate myself on this matter for weeks now and just not getting it to my liking.  Meanwhile, I don't have much time to write with many loved ones visiting.  This has  resulted in a blog that has been sadly sparse this month.  

Sealion and I are beside ourselves grateful for friends and loved ones these days.  And while I valued hermiting for years as I hashed and rehashed some inner work, I think it has served me and that I may be social now.  I'm sure it probably surprises some of you who know me well that visiting and having visitors for a solid month sounds just fine and even mostly awesome to me!  Who will be visiting next?  Come on out, y'all.

So for the next few posts I would like to give thanks for some dear friends.  We are so blessed. 

First I would like to send a heaping helping of gratitude out for my oldest dear friend Gemini Cricket.  I continue to be impressed with how we have allowed each other to evolve and change, and how our friendship weathers those evolutions and changes.   Gemini had a birthday recently, and a few nights beforehand, I had a dream in which I was giving him a big, warm birthday hug.  He is so much a part of who I am, even thousands of miles away and months between visits.  

Cricket papa with Firefly babe.  I love this photo!

Love to you, dear friend!