Sunday, June 08, 2008


~ during one of our many Grand Adventures ~ 
this January in Las Vegas. 

I don't think I could describe how I really feel about Woo without crying.  Her friendship touches me so deeply.  Co-conspirator and confidante, gentle ear and shoulder, encourager and idea-generator.  She has shown me what integrity and Love look and act like, as well as teaching me what they don't act like.  Woo is honest and brave.  Her example of patient, steady friendship has been one of the shining-est and most enduring I have ever had.  Tops on my list of heart-felt wishes is that I might be as good a friend to Woo as she has been and is to me.  I hope Woo and I know each other forever.      

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woo said...

aahhhh!.......thanks!.....and you are.....