Sunday, February 04, 2007

free box

i'm quite a proponent for circulation. i try to get most of my clothes/fabric second-hand, and keep the cycle flowing. except for a very select few items that have such dense and heavy sentimental value (and costuming), i pass items along pretty readily. lots of times if an item has too much history attached, i have to let it go; it gets heavy. so ~ our household had accumulated a huge (huger than i realized, even after only being here a year & a half.. ) collection of interesting clothing/fabrics that i knew were useful/cool/pretty/nice, but just wasn't doing anything with them = block in the flow.
i set up a Free Box outside our house. i put the bunch of clothes in it that we weren't using (and a few random other odds and ends, including a Barbie carrying case which i was going to get around to redeeming/redecorating, and didn't. .and an incomplete Nativity set i was going to artfully "set free".. but didn't get around to..) . usually i would've taken this stuff to salvation army or goodwill, but i've been reading _Food_Not_Lawns [how to turn your yard into a garden, and your neighborhood into a community], by H.C. Flores, and she says: get rid of the middleman; deliver the goods to the people who will use them. i posted a handcut sign on the front (FREE) so there would be no doubts.
i have been delighted and fascinated as folks have come by and browsed over the weekend. ! i feel like i set out a (good for you) candy box, or an easter egg/scavenger hunt or something. our pint-sized neighbor, Aria (with a similar passion for costuming), immediately found the plastic backpack-style rainbow butterfly wings and flitted around their yard. :) this morning a chica with a fine style savvy drove by while i was on the front porch eating a bite. she rubber-necked, then pulled over at the next available spot. i left her to her gleaning, saying, "take it all!". i spied out at her a few times, to vicariously enjoy her discoveries ~ she was enjoying herself. a while later, i glanced to see her slink away smilingly with a whole armful of fashion.

what fun!
what else can we put in the Free Box?!


Mick said...

that's rather awesome.. does the box say "free stuff" on it?

tif said...

oh yes yes!
i guess i could've taken a photo of it from the other side, only i was too busy spying from the downstairs window! :-D

i put a sign on it that says "free"