Monday, September 18, 2006

the future of food: manifestation three

empowering, hopeful news!
the proposition that i told you about (in, "the future of food: take two), the one for which i, and hundreds of others, attended the hearing in the Capitol (right here in lovely, tree-lined downtown Sacramento) months ago ~ it failed!
the committee who heard it the first go-round thought it a no-brainer to proceed with this bill ~ one thinly-veiled to give CA counties no legal way to ban together against GMO infestation of their local genetic pond. however, once it got to the floor, the legislators heard so much flack from their local consituents that they were pressed to vote it down!! how about mindful rallying and democracy in action there!!

an editorial.. an invitation.. a prayer:
other recent news items relating to food are an urgent invitation:
let's reconnect with our food supply.
let's once again join faces and places with what we put in our mouths.
even as we seek to live healthier more mindful lives ~ let's wake up even more.
let's remember we are borne of this earth.
let's remember we're all connected.

book at the top of my must-read list:
_The_Omnivore's_Dilemma_, by Michael Pollan

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alyssum said...

yes! i just started reading the omnivore's dilemma.....mmm, michal pollan.