Friday, July 07, 2006

meet me in san fran

Ryan and Leslie, from good ol' lex-town, K-Y, spent a few days in san fran before making their way up to redwood country to pay homage to the Mighty Old Ones.
sealion and i met them at The Red Victorian on Haight, where they were staying. we strolled down to Magnolia Pub and Brewery and had beers and dinner ( ~ featuring housemade beers, and fresh, local, sustainable food).
it was grounding and comforting to see familiar faces and embrace old friends in the sea of all that is yet-new and unaccustomed in my westcoast life.
not having seen them in over a year, and their having never met sealion, it was all catch-up and get-to-know-you, but easy, like old friends are.
sealion and i had to rush off to catch BART back to the rest of our lives too soon. the lump in my throat fought hard to spring out my eyes as i turned away. Ryan is family to me.
as we were standing in front of The Red Victorian i couldn't help but play the "who'd a thought?!" game when it came to this scenario ~ who'd a thought, two years ago: that Ryan and Leslie would be meeting me and sealion in san francisco as they tour norcal. who'd a thought.

"who'd a thought?" in front of the red vic,
Ryan and Leslie, "you're going to do WHAT in mexico??"
muppets sealion and tif with Ryan and Leslie at Magnolia

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