Wednesday, May 10, 2006

street faire

it felt like years since we'd had the excuse to play dress up!!

sunday sealion, mackindaddy and i partied in the city at the How Weird Street Faire. christian, who lives in san fran, met us there. it was an excuse for everybody to bring out last year's burning man duds, or to vend *this season's latest* burning man duds. beer in waxed paper cups, throbbing bass from . . five.. different stages, public wafting of the funny weed, and nekkid boobies. wheee! there was a dude wearing only tighty whities (or whitie tighties dependin' on your preference) 100% dripping in brown mud. he pulled it off~~the look, that is.
the boys' favorite was the girl with the beginning of faerie wings tattooed on her back. my favorite were the crepes that we ate at the end of the day, at some creperie in the mission that i don't remember its name b/c i was too busy drooling and then devouring in ecstacy. !!
yea! dress up!! i shore do like it.

photos: mackindaddy and christian amongst the crowd.
sealion sporting new accoutrements new hair, and waxed paper cup.
view at the creperie.
in-car shoe-change photo shoot.
well~ me again. later.

(speakeasy~~the beer. san francisco-brewed. hoppy.)

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